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January 1985: Turbotape: A Major Breakthrough!; Music In The Computer Age: Will Computers Replace Musicians?; Random Access DATA Statements for Apple; Also Free In This Issue: A Powerful Terminal Program For Atari; Two Action Games: Rescue Of Blondell, Paratrooper; Enhanced Applesoft INPUT, IBM Chartmaker; And Much More    
February 1985: Special Games Issue: Ready-To-Use Software For Commodore 64, VIC-20, Atari, Apple, IBM; Advanced Sound Effects On The Commodore 64; Plus/Term Modem Program For 64 & VIC-20; Adding Sound Effects To Atari; Acrobat: Exciting Animated Game For 64, VIC, Atari; The New Atari: COMPUTE! Interviews Sigmund Hartmann    
March 1985: SpeedScript 3.0: Our Enhanced Word Processor: Free Inside For Commodore 64; Disk Rx For Atari: New Hope For Lost Files; PCjr Memory Expansion: Making Sure It's Compatible; Space Caverns: Ready-To-Type Action Game For Apple, IBM PC, PCjr, Commodore 64, VIC-20, Atari    
April 1985: TurboDisk: Load Programs 300 Percent Faster: Free Inside For Commodore 64 & VIC-20; Mindbusters Fascinating Puzzle Game For Apple, Commodore 64, VIC-20, PC/PCjr, Atari, TI; IBM Graphics Printer Switch Settings For PC & PCjr; SpeedScript 3.0 Enhanced Word Processor For Commodore VIC-20; COMPUTE!'s Guide To Computer Camps; And Much More    
May 1985      
June 1985      
February 1985  


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